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aka Four-Deal Bridge

On October 19th 2012, following a proposal by Harris Usdan voted afirmatively by everyone present on October 12th, the Friday Bridge group started to use Chicago scoring instead of Rubber Bridge Scoring. This first experiment was successful and well accepted by the whole group.

There are several versions of this game, also known in the official rules as Four-Deal Bridge. As this name suggests, it is a game for four players which normally is complete in four deals, making it a fun game for social play.

The vulnerability varies from hand to hand in a fixed pattern as follows:

  • Hand 1: Dealer North; neither side vulnerable
  • Hand 2: Dealer East; North-South vulnerable
  • Hand 3: Dealer South; East-West vulnerable
  • Hand 4: Dealer West; both sides vulnerable

Each hand is scored duplicate style (2S making 3 is 140, 4H vulnerable is 620, etc.). There is no accumulation of part scores or games from deal to deal.

A multiple of four hands can be played, repeating the sequence of vulnerabilities as often as necessary. For Friday Y’s Men’s Bridge, hands 5 & 6 vulnerability will be: 

  • Hand 5: Dealer North; neither side vulnerable
  • Hand 6: Dealer East; both sides vulnerable

The final score for the six hands is simply the addition of the scores of the six deals played.

Trick Values:

Majors – 30 Points each;     Minors – 20 Points each;     No Trump – 1st 40 Points,  Subsequent – 30 Points

Game Contract: Contract for at least 100 Points 


Part Score                                                          50 Points

Making a doubled contract                                 50 Points

Making a redoubled contract                            100 Points


            Non-vulnerable                                     300 Points

            Vulnerable                                            500 Points                               

Small Slam

            Non-vulnerable                                     500 Points

            Vulnerable                                            750 Points       

Grand Slam

            Non-vulnerable                                   1000 Points

            Vulnerable                                          1500 Points  


            Not doubled                                          trick value

            Doubled            Not Vulnerable            100 Points

                                      Vulnerable                  200 Points

            Redoubled        Not Vulnerable            200 Points

                                      Vulnerable                  400 Points



Not doubled    Not Vulnerable                            50 Points

                        Vulnerable                                100 Points

Doubled          Not vulnerable               100/200/200/300 … Points

                        Vulnerable                     200/300/300/400 … Points

Redoubled       Not vulnerable              200/400/400/600 … Points

                         Vulnerable                           400/600/600 … Points