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All-Apple Roundtable

Until recently, our group focused almost solely on the Macintosh computer. This was because-- unlike our innumerable PC counterparts who could share experiences over a back fence or a luncheon table-- we Mac-fellows had to create our own forum to discuss and learn from each other.  Peter Sternbach stepped in to back me up on the technical side, and we got the first "Machintosh Roundtable" underway in 2006.

As time went on, we adjusted our 2-hour sessions to include a bit of discussion on the then-new tiny iPod with its revolutionary musical capabilities.  Later on we devoted some small discussion to the features of the fantastic new iPhone.  Then we brought the totally-unique iPad into the picture with even more emphasis-- all the while keeping the main focus on the Macintosh.  In January 2012, realizing that so many Y's Men had iPhones and iPads, and therefore were thrust into our Mac-Apple world, we expanded our coverage to include discussions of all these Apple products;and over forty Y's Men plus a few wives came to that very successful, fully-inclusive session.

You can stay incognito at our sessions, ask questions, or make a comment.  But just being there means you'll get something out of the time spent!  We meet once a year-- sometimes twice-- and will announce the date and time a few weeks before the session at a Thursday Y's Men meeting, and also via our Y's Mens Newsletter.  Stay tuned.....

Joe Schachter


The Y's Men began using a website in 2003, designed and developed by Buck Bulkley, who moved to Maine in 2004. In December 2004 Bill Balch took over the job and along with Steve Reilly built a new site using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and developed with Dreamweaver software. It introduced a Members Only section that features photos and biographies of all the members. Bill and Steve maintained the site for the next seven years.

In December 2011 it was decided the website needed significant updating so Bill formed an ad hoc web panel that agreed with the need and suggested utilizing a cloud based Content Management Software system called Joomla!

In early January 2012 the new site was unveiled with a totally new look and significantly improved updating and maintenance features. For the first time individual web pages could now be under the authorship and editing control of the member in charge of the activity represented on the page.

In July-August of 2012 Jerry Clair volunteered to become editor of the website and was in charge of aiding the Activity chairmen in updating their pages. Jerry has since moved to Florida but Dick Hagan has stepped up to take his place. Mort Silverberg and John Murdoch joined the editing team.

In January 2018 the Board decided to have the website updated once again. Dick Hagan and Bill Balch with assistance from a professional developer, undertook the job and will introduce the newly redesigned site in May of 2018.