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Different levels of activity - 4 days a week  (see below for greater details)

  •     Tuesday -- walking, normally 3 to 4 miles round trip, level. Mostly walkways, wide trails. Lunch follows.
  •     Wednesday -- varied hiking, distances avg 5 miles, 'watch your feet', hills, aerobic. Lunch follows.
  •     Friday -- aerobic hiking, varied distances avg 5 miles, steep hills, yes very aerobic !!
  •     Sunday -- longer distance hiking, normally avg 8 miles round trip, level.

If a hiker has questions, ability needed, etc, contact leaders mentioned below


On Tuesdays our walks are one and a half to two hours enjoying the beauty of surrounding areas such as Sherwood Island, Southport, Bell Island, Fairfield Audubon, Saugatuck Shores, as well as the Saugatuck & Aspetuck Valley Trails, the Housatonic Rail Trails, Devil's Den and other various sites within 30 minutes from Westport. We try to pick trails that are fairly level and have interesting and beautiful scenery. These walks are followed by lunch at a restaurant near the site of the walk. The friendships that are made on these walks are usually long term and the effect is to have a very tightly knit group that welcomes newcomers. Join us for a great experience.

For further information contact Art Greenberg at

"The Y's Men's at Putnam Memorial Park's Musem" 

Below: Walk through Norwalk's Calf Pasture Beach 8/28/12



Wednesday & Friday hikes last about two to three hours. We hike in Westport-Weston and surrounding areas on moderate trails enjoying the beauty of nature. Wednesday's hikes are moderate but are hilly at times and are usually done in Trout Brook, Devil's Den, Colis Huntington State Park, or in Wilton. The hikes last about 1.5 hours and are followed by a hearty lunch at a local pub. Friday hikes are difficult and require hiking up rocky inclines. These hikes take place locally and throughout southern Connecticut. They can last longer then 2 hours. Typically we have up to about 14 Y's Men on a hike and there is a wonderful sense of camaraderie among the group. All are welcome!  

For further information contact  Malcolm Davies at  or Chris Lewis at 


 "The Y's Men's hiking group enjoy a scenic rest during their hike" 


Finally every Sunday morning we walk along the coastal areas of Norwalk, Westport, and Southport. These hikes tend to be long, as much as 8 miles. Typically our round trip walks: Burying Hill Beach to Sasco Beach or Cedar Point to Calf Pasture Beach.

For further information contact Marty Yellin at