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Our new group Conductor is Jeff Hare!    I know we can look forward to an exciting new program starting in September.
I hope your summer is filled with sun,  sand,  and lotsa jazz.     Brian

And - do not forget.........

The Westport Arts Center continues the wonderful Thursday nights
Jazz Program this season.  It is a great program enjoyed by many
of our members and includes our own talent!  Talk to Arthur
Ashman if you have any questions.
Time Magazine recently recognized Louis Armstrong, as one of the 20 most influential Americans of all time.
In his world travels he certainly greatly helped others better understand our great heritage.
Here is a copy of the Time coverage:

Louis Armstrong

Trailblazing Musician: 1901-1971

Hulton-Deutsch Collection / CORBIS
Hulton-Deutsch Collection / CORBIS

Pops. Sweet Papa Dip. Satchmo. He had perfect pitch and perfect rhythm. He was a small man, but the extent of his influence across jazz, across American music and around the world has continuing stature; he supplied revolutionary language that took on such pervasiveness that it became commonplace, like the light bulb, the airplane, the telephone.

He grew up poor, hustling and hustling. Yet his world was not dominated by the deprivation of poverty but by the ceremonial vigor of the Negroes of New Orleans and their music: rags, blues, snippets from opera, church music and whatever else. At the Colored Waifs’ Home, young Louis first put his lips to the mouthpiece of a cornet; soon he was formidable. Musicians then were wont to have “cutting sessions” — battles of imagination and stamina. From 1920 on, young Louis was hell on two feet if somebody challenged him. Fairly soon, he was left alone. He took his music to Chicago, then to New York City, where his improvised melodies and singing set the city on its head. The stiff rhythms of the time were slashed away by his combination of the percussive and the soaring. His combination of virtuosity, strength and passion was unprecedented. No one in Western music — not even Bach — has ever set the innovative pace on an instrument , then stood up to sing and converted the vocalists. He did.

Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/07/25/the-20-most-influential-americans-of-all-time/#louis-armstrong#ixzz24TqjFIv3
I previously mentioned Jazz at Lincoln Center and they do have a very full events program.  Here is the link for their schedule:   http://www.jalc.org/concerts/c_calendar09.asp
Please take a look for something you really like and let me know if you would like to lead a group event. 
Contact Jeff Hare at  jeffhare @optonline.net or 203-254-2221