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Bob Mitchell, President
Y’s Men of Westport/Weston
P.O. Box 167
Westport, CT 06881- 0167

Membership Renewal

At your earliest convenience, please complete the annual Membership Renewal Form and remit your 2020-2021 dues. The Board has set this year’s Annual dues at $60.00 This year you may pay your dues either by through the website either by sending a check to the PO Box address below. Checks should be made out to Y’s Men of Westport/Weston.

You may mail your signed renewal form and check to:

Y's Men of Westport/Weston
P.O. Box 167
Westport, CT 06881-0167

The Y’s Men operate on a July 31st fiscal year. Annual dues are payable as of the first meeting of the season in September. If dues and the renewal form are not received by January 1, 2021, non-paid members will be dropped from membership, clubs, and all mailing lists.

If you are a new member who joined and paid dues after April 30, 2020, you are paid up through the 2020 - 2021 season, but still must submit a signed member renewal form.

Members who are age 90 by year-end 2020 get a free ride – and well earned! But here, too, you also must submit a signed member renewal form.

Our Directors approved this decrease in membership dues for the first time because of the current situation. However, despite the absence of the normal meetings, the club still has continuing expenses – insurance and the like - and we are determined to keep operating as a full going concern.

We recognize that you all miss the weekly gatherings, and the donuts and coffee. We hope you are still able to experience the friendship, fellowship, comradery and engagement that come with being a Y’s Man, through the weekly Zoom Meetings and by participating in the many activities offered by the components clubs and gatherings of the Y’s Men.

If you have any questions please contact me or our Treasurer, Gerry Luterman, by email or phone.

This is still the best club of its type and we want you to continue to be part of it.

Thank you,

Bob Mitchell