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Membership Application

To apply for membership please fill out the website form completely.

  • Please look around our website under Activities, Trips and Events, and Thursday Meetings and more to see all the Y's Men have to offer you. 
  • Over the summer we are meeeting almost every Thursday for our 9:00 Coffee and Donuts and Meet and Greet with an optional walk at 10:00
  • Starting in September we are meeeting almost every Thursday for our 10:00 speaker program at Saugatuck Congregational Church (Coffee and Donuts and Meet and Greet is 9:15)
  • Membership is open to all retirement or semi-retirement age men who are residents (or former residents) of Westport or Weston.
  • Membership dues are $115.00 per year.  There is also a one time initiation fee of $50.00.  Once your application has been approved, Ron Holtz, our membership chairman, will e-mail you the link where you can pay the Membership dues and initiation fee by credit card on a secure website.   
  • If you do not hear from us within a few days after submitting the online application.
  • Please also email Ron Holtz at  to let him know your application was submitted and he will look for it.
    Membersip Application Information needed:
    PRIMARY InterestSTRONG InterestMODERATE Interest
    Apple Roundtable
    Book Club
    Camera Club
    Classic Music Society
    Collectables Club
    Community Service
    Hoot Owls Glee Club
    Global Discussion Group
    Investment Club
    Jazz Club
    Memoirs Group
    Platform Tennis
    Table Tennis
    Technical Committee
    Trips & Events Scheduling Committee
    Walking Club